Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao!

“I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it’ll make sense.” ~Ray Bradbury
I am Penny. I am considered by some to be a wild child, a free spirit, an ENFP, a gemini, a nomad, a rolling stone, a gypsy. That is all pretty much accurate. But I am so much more..

I struggle with the question, “Where are you from?” because I don’t look to any one place as home.
Growing up, I moved every 3-4 years. I spent the majority of my “formative years” in Washington state, Newfoundland, Canada and Alabama. Three VERY different places. During university I ran away every summer to work at summer camps in the mountains of North Carolina. I moved every 4-6 months after that. I worked at day cares, summer camps, preschools, pottery studios, kayak guide companies, outdoor education, ski resorts and various restaurants. I discovered beautiful places and decided I wanted to move there, so I found a job that enabled me to move. I was lucky.
I have lived many cities, sometimes 3 months, sometimes 6, sometimes going back for another round of jobs and to visit friends just to run away again a short time later…
Vancouver, WA~~Wenatchee, WA~~Gig Harbor, WA~~Stephenville, Newfoundland~~Monroeville, AL~~Tuscaloosa, AL~~Asheville, NC~~ Hendersonville, NC~~Zirconia, NC~~Sunset Beach, SC~~New Orleans, LA~~Augusta, GA~~Lake Haines, FL~~Palm Beach, FL~ Everglades, FL~~San Juan Islands, WA~~Wenatchee, WA~~Portland, OR~~San Diego, CA~~Mammoth Lakes, CA~~Santa Cruz, CA and Founex, Switzerland (at least for a month and a half).
Over a year and a half ago I ran far away from Alabama and my life there. I needed to get away from the hurt that lurked there. Start fresh. So I took an outdoor recreation job based out of Portland, Oregon that housed me for 5 days a week and I decided to couch surf and camp the days off. What a beautiful way to live life 🙂
I worked at an international travelers hostel in San Diego for what was supposed to be 3 weeks but turned out to be the best 3.5 months of my life.
I met some of the most amazing people there. I had a Swiss lover. I had a French best friend. I had a Polish BFFF. I had my very own British Jack Sparrow.
I met Aussies and Kiwis and French and Germans and Swiss Germans and Japanese and Koreans and British and Irish and Italian and Brazilians and Americans and Columbians and so much more.
My world expanded. My curiosities grew. I had a thirst for more. A hunger to see all the places these beautiful foreign people talked about. I needed it.
So I landed a job in Switzerland doing my very favorite thing in the world, arts and crafts with kids.
But I do know that I am not ready to go back.
I probably never will be ready,  even though  in my heart I know I need to.
I have far too much to see.
Far too many potential best friends.
Far too much nature to get lost in.
Far too many fairy tale moments to expereince and secret gardens to discover.
Trees to climb.
Sunsets to see.
Shooting stars to see.
Languages (or at least phrases or words) to learn.
Mountains to hike.
Foreign boys to swoon over (I personally prefer man buns, guitars, tattoos, dark hair… but any will do – especially if you have an accent or whisper French or German or Italian or Spanish sweet nothings into my ear) for a night, a week, a month, a lifetime…
Full moons to dance under.
Waterfalls to run my hands under.
Lakes to swim in.
Oceans to play in.
Rocks to scamper.

But I do know that I like fromage more than cheese. Wódka more than vodka. Baguettes more than bread. Wandern more than hiking. Schmetterlings more than butterflies. Besos more than kisses. Rubbish more than garbage. Kuddelmuddel more than chaos. Knackered more than tired. Cheers more than thank you. Je t’aime, Je t’adore, Ich liebe dich, Ti amo, Kocham ciebie, Te amo , Te iubesc more than I love you.
And so much more….