Past Poems…


The above is my very first poem

Jump forward to the poem I wrote in middle school
(I swear I was not a stalker… but I WAS a shy nerd who had crushes on the boys that never knew who I was and all the people I wanted to be)



Peeking through the jagged hole
My cheek against the prickly wood
My ragged breathing slowly calms
With the scent of you so near
I hope that you can’t see me

Out beyond the knobby wood
I squint my eyes to see
I hear so clearly your enchanting voice
My heart is pounding so
I wish that you knew me

I poke my finger in a hole
to expand my narrowed view
I utter a shriek as I prick my finger
as a drop of blood appears
I hope you didn’t hear me

I am caught off-guard by the blood,
surprised by its warmth
a single teardrop slips down my face
my world is now a blur
You don’t even care


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