Hostel Life

“There are no strangers here. Only friends you haven’t met yet.”   ~Willaim Butler Yates
Monaday October 10, 2016
Day 140
Bucharest, Romania

Life is beautiful.
I am loving it here at the hostel. There are exciting bits and slow bits. People come people go.
There have been a series of metal bands come through the hostel. I love greeting them at the door with some vodka and trying to show them a night they won’t soon forget. Each is different in their own way, but in the end, they are all sweethearts. Big softies. They smile and feel and love just like everyone else. In the morning sometimes they leave me with an autographed copy of their cd or some beer or leftover crisps or some other delightful things…  We exchange contacts sometimes in case my travels take me their way I would have a place to stay.
On that note… I have met people from all over the world here.. a very different sort than the travelers that came to my San Diego hostel. The people here talk of Bulgaria and Serbia and Moldova and Turkey and Morocco. All kinds of amazing stories. The people here are a little more low key. But it’s cool. I still have a good time. If I get bored I chill in my beanbag and watch the happenings of people come and go from the hostel while I search up plans for after I am done. Morocco? Ireland? Moldova? Turkey? I have to decide soon if I want to stay in the area and explore the Balkans after I am done with my time here at the hostel or if I want to book a flight to Morocco and figure out from there how to get back to the USA. I need a sign… an omen.. come on universe! If nothing stands out amongst the others, I’ll just hang around and check out some mud volcanoes nearby and take it a day at a time and one heart wish at a time.
Last night I had a heart to heart chat with a deeply spiritual man who had just come from the mountains to cleanse his soul. He talked to me about chakras and peoples spirits and energies. He suggested that I learn Reiki. The power to heal through touch. To recharge peoples souls and heal their souls and bodies with the power inside of you. Harmony. Balance. Energy. In fact, in the morning I woke up with a headache and he taught me how to rub my hands together quickly to create a warming energy inside of them and then put them parallel to each other on the back of my skull for 2 minutes. Wow. It worked. Unfortunately, I never got to exchange information with him, because he is a local and I could have used his guidance… an actual spiritual cleansing would be nice…

Saturday, I got a new tattoo. The other week, one of the crazy nights at the hostel, I met this guy who said he did tattoos. He is friends with the receptionist and was given the seal of approval. I went ahead with it. I actually went first to see him Thursday and again Saturday. The first night I went to get my first tattoo, he seemed troubled. He was going through some things due to a recent break up. He was filled with negativity and anger. Darkness flowed from his words. I stayed quiet. I figured he needed to vent. To talk it out. I let him talk. That was what he needed. To be listened to. No advice. Just acceptance of his words. I left him that night filled with curiosity. I was intrigued. I immediately found another tattoo in order to go back. I was determined to show him that the world was beautiful. To give him a friend. And it was a beautiful day. We talked. Mostly he talked, but this time I had some input. We talked mostly of love. What is love to different people. About regrets and what we learned from past relationships. About love lost and love found in strange places. About our greatest fears and happiest moments. About the times we thought we were going to die and the times we thought we would lose the one we loved the most. It was an intense day. A beautiful day. I love those kinds of discussions. He was a very intense person. He participated in cosplay and had a sensei and went to him to work on his skills.. His sensei practiced tough love. He was not easy on my friend, but the most important thing, my friend said, was that his sensei looked at him like he believed in him. We decided that yes, everyone needs someone to believe in them.
When asked what love was to him, he replied, “Love is coming home after a long day and she rolls a joint without having to ask how my day was. And we spend the evening laughing together in each others arms…. you know.. that feeling you get with that special person.. where nothing else matters… no one else matters.. you can be you…”
I’ve been struggling with similar things too revolving around the theme of love and acceptance. My tendency to fall for people and then run away when things get too real. I don’t want to get hurt. It is easier to separate myself before that can happen. Have this person here… this person there… beautiful weeks or days or so.. suspended.. hanging like beautiful stars.. nothing more, nothing less… unfinished, yet wrapped up with a pretty little bow full of happy memories.. of bliss.. could I have had more with some of them? Maybe… but it is easier to run off to some other beautiful shiny and new place…
I want to explore these concepts with more people… sure some small talk I can handle.. but I like to get down to the nitty gritty. I like to know what makes people tick. What makes people glow. What makes people cry. How different, yet the same everyone is. I want to see emotion and feeling. All the shades of the rainbow.
What do you want to do before you die?
When did you cry last?
What is love to you?
When did you feel most happy?
What do you get lost in? Something that you can do that makes you forget to eat or pee or sleep?
What is a new habit you want to form?
What do you think about when you wake up?
What is your spirit animal?
Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?
What is your favorite word?
My tattoo.. the dandelion. My childhood favorite thing to do. Blow them to make a wish. I am all about making wishes. I would spend many summer days picking them and blowing them with all the air I could muster in order to make all of the helicopter-like seeds drift away in the wind. Some people told me that if I blew all of the seeds away, the person I loved would love me back. I remember squeezing my eyes shut and wishing hard. I still, to this day, find them and complete the ritual. Love. Doesn’t everyone want to be loved? I think, yes. Love. Give out love. Bring love in. Pass love on. Everyone deserves to feel that love. I fully and truly believed my wishes would come true. Wishing on shooting stars. Wishing on dandelions. Wishbones. 11:11.  The first star of the night. Wishing wells. My wish jar. Four leaf clovers….
I shall continue to believe…
And look forward to diving into the brains and hearts of others I meet…


Make a wish 

Saturday October 1, 2016

Day 131

Bucharest, Romania 

My favorite nights are long talks with beautiful strangers. Working at hostels is my absolute favorite. So many people coming through. So many stories being told. So many hopes. So many wishes. 

So I made a wish jar. We had one at my other hostel. I ask people to write wishes on a slip of paper and place them in the jar. I promise them I will take them to the sea, put them in an empty wine bottle and send it off. And I plan to. 

The looks on people’s faces when I tell them to write a wish… Ranging from bewilderment to surprise to incredulous to speculation. But they all write something. Late at night I peek in the jar. It fills my heart with happy to see what people wish for. Some wish for things for themselves. Some with for other people. Some wish for many people. But they all warm my heart. 

Hostel life. People come. People go. You connect. You talk. Make memories. Stay up drinking and talking. Adventure in the days. And they leave. But each and every one still has made an impact on me, some more than others. 

We had a lady come the other day. She is 37 and slightly off… She was on a nudist cruise but left in the middle of the cruise… She never explained why. But she’s caused some havoc and headaches around here. I stayed up with her one night because she was quite drunk and falling over and the receptionist had to leave. Working at hostels you get used to taking care of drunk people. She was speaking straight Russian to me. I had no idea she spoke Russian, nor do I know any Russian. But I helped her. Talked with her. Was a friend. 

Later, my two (current) favorite people came back from their night out. An older guy who can speak all the languages ever, very charismatic and charming. A sexy Steven Tyler kind of vibe. And his girl, a Romanian girl I didn’t know too well. The guy went to bed and I sat and talked with the girl for a couple hours. Deep thoughts. Philosophical. I felt an instant connection. Positive energy. My soul sister. I wrote notes so i could look back on then later. I have copy and pasted them below. Interesting thoughts. People never cease to fascinate me. 

Today the receptionist at the hostel and I had a long conversation with an older guy from Turkey about life, love, spiritual beliefs and God. 

It’s fascinating to talk to people from different cultures. Backgrounds. Beliefs. 

Yesterday I hung out with more Couchsurfers. We started out as 3 and by the end of the night we were at least 15. My best friend who used to stay at my hostel was there. Germans. French. Romanians. Australians. I made paper airplanes and threw them across the table right there in the restaurant terrace where we were sitting. And I took them with me to watch my Romanian friends band. I adore live music, even if I don’t understand the lyrics. It’s interesting actually, not understanding the lyrics. You hear songs in a whole different way. 

“USe the brain, not just the heart 

Balance / battle between the brain and the heart 

Feel your brain. 

Don’t get eaten by the heart eaters 


Somebody else is waiting for you. Close the circle if you can’t help them. Someone else is waiting beyond. 

When you drink you are Vulnerable to people who use the brain more than the heart and we are hunted. 

Drink with the people who bring you light. 

Ask yourself:

1. What Do i want? 

2. After I know exactly what I want. I will do it. Systematically. Slowly. In a way that is smart. Algorithmic. Knowing All the probabilities. 

It’s a New era of living. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

Ask others. Don’t be afraid. Ask for help. Let people help you. Never be afraid of anything. 

Dont be afraid to give. Give. Give. And don’t expect anything in return. Do it from the heart.

Don’t keep the pain. Feel it. Accept it Let it go. Don’t get stuck in the pain. 

Smile from all of your organs. Give your whole body the smile. And you will glow.”

“Everything is not as you see.”

“Your American Dream is our Romanian fantasy”

“I don’t want to believe in God. I want to believe in people.” 

“Send out white energy from the heart. Heart to heart connection.”