I want to go home. 

“Soon you’ll realize that many people will love the idea of you but will lack the maturity to handle the reality of you.” ~Reyna Biddy 

Tuesday September 20, 2016Day 120 

Bucharest, Romania. 

I am getting very discouraged with this place. I don’t understand this city. These people. 

Maybe I’m too naive. Disillusioned. Maybe it’s the weather getting colder. 

I have met up with quite a few people here. Via Couchsurfing or friends of friends and occasional tinder. 

Apparently people just want sex here. I don’t. Not interested. 

There’s a guy in the bed above me. Literally, his first words to me were, “Hello! I’m Daniel! I’m just here to drink, smoke, party and fuck.”

I met with another guy the other day and he said he was taking me to a cafe. Little did I know that, although the name of the place had “cafe” in it, it was a pay by the hour hotel room. I walked out on him. 

Another guy had promised to take me to some cool spots in the city. We walked a bit. Talked. I was excited to have a friend. But then we got to a park and within ten minutes of sitting down he started trying to reach up my skirt. I pushed him away, “What? Here in Romania it’s normal. You are not a whore if you fuck freely. We are free people here.” I left him there and walked back to my hostel. 


That’s not my scene. 

Am I that weird? That I want friends? Memories. Human connection. Beautiful conversations with beautiful minds.

Where did my beautiful strangers go? 

Did I make a mistake coming here? 

I went to a premiere of a snowboarding movie the other night. It filled me with a yearning to go far away from this place. It made me want to go back to the USA. Back to Mammoth Mountain. To the snow. To shred gnar. To play in the snow. To my people. To taco Tuesday. To my happy. 

I am over this place. I’m ready to jump ship. But I can’t leave Europe on a bitter note. I want to leave with happy memories. And this place so far is not that happy for me. 

Things better change. I just want friends. I’ll give it one more week. If this continues, I don’t think I can last a month.  

Sure, it’s a free place to stay. Cheap food. But that’s not why I travel. 

Tonight, the hostel is booked with two huge groups of Romanian travelers. I think they are doing opera or something. I tried to talk with them. Engage in conversation. They either pretended not to hear or not to know English. They just smiled and nodded and waited. And so I let them do their thing. 

Tonight I will dye my hair turquoise. A change. Something to do. Hopefully better things await me in the days to come. 

I am out of words.  I am out of thoughts. I am drained. I need sunshine. I need something to remind me I am where I am supposed to be. 


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