My work is done here 

 “Respond- don’t react. Listen- don’t talk. Think- don’t assume.” ~Raji Lukkoor

Friday August 12, 2016

Day 85

Coopet, Switzerland. 
It is the end.  The end of camp. 

And finally I got to hang with my crew for real. After leaving every weekend to go on far off adventures and evenings chasing sunsets. I finally got to play with the people I’ve been living with for the past 6.5 weeks. 

And it was amazing. 

We ate malakoff. Deep fried cheese sticks. They were not for me. I am not a fan of fried foods. I instead ate heaps of salad and my share of white wine. 

I wrote cards for everyone. Little notes. Heartwarming quotes. Because everyone helped me in different ways. I wanted to thank them individually. 

And I felt close to them. I was full of love. Might have something to do with the wine, but I was overflowing with fuzzy feelings. As one should at the end of a summer camp experience. I have been through this before at so many summer camps. You meet as strangers. You work and live, sometimes 24/7, with these people. You get to know them. Sometimes you meet a whole different side of them that the rest of the world. Because summer camp is a special place. And it’s a beautiful thing. 

And I got pink hair dye. 

And my hair is now pink. 

And my heart is full. 

And my favorite part was late last night. After we got home. Midnight. Laying in the grass in the playground. The three of us. 2 of my favorite friends. Our heads together. Catching the Sternschnuppen. Talking about spirit animals. Spirit sandwiches. Life out there on other planets. And in one perfect moment, we all three saw one at the same time. The biggest one. Streaking across the sky. 

I will miss camp. Playing with the 4-6 year olds before and after camp. Getting hugs everywhere I go. Getting painted on by children. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they swirled the paint around. 

Art is about process. Not product. It always hurt my heart when I heard people ask children, “What are you making?” Or “That’s not how a cat is supposed to look.” 

Sometimes it’s fun to just start with a paper and paint and see what the paintbrush creates… And I wanted to create that environment in my room. Semi structured freedom. Explore. See what you can make. And what wonderful things those kids created ❤️

And I will miss these beautiful people I’ve gotten to know over these weeks.  Skinny dipping with a couple of them in hidden bits of Lake Geneva. Laughing til it hurts with one while she taught me Georgian. All the talks in the art room and groups with my friends as their fearless leader trooped in and created beautiful messes and moved on. 

And now I leave my comfort zone. This boat leaves port. This rocket ship leaves earth. Set to jet. Hot to trot. In like Flynn. 


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