Loo with a View and Caves with Waterfalls…

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” 
~John Muir

Sunday July 10, 2016
Day 49
Interlaken, Switzerland

Wow… One of my favorite places.. I had to come back twice.. Couchsurf with 2 different people in order to get the most of it.. Two very different experiences.. I just can’t get enough… of couchsurfing.. of Switzerland.. the air is so fresh here.. so delicious.. I’m addicted to this crisp, clean air.. the vast stretches of nature.. everything.. I have always hated being inside.. I would much prefer to walk in the sunshine in barefoot, feeling the earth beneath my feet than soulless rubber shoes on cement, read in the shade under a tree or in a hammock rather than a comfy chair, climb a tree or a rock or a cliff for a better view than take an elevator, jump in a lake rather than a shower…
The first weekend, my friend came to pick me up at the train station and drove me back to his place with his girlfriend… They lived right on the lake.. Lake Brienz.. In a little village outside of Interlaken..
The color of the water is BONKERS!! The color was this beautiful emerald, creamy green blue color.. SooOooo cold!! Coming straight from the glaciers above.. The lake was surrounded by huge mountains all around.. We proceeded to build a fire and threw some food in to cook it and poured glass after glass of wine and the language barrier made it more fun to interact.. try to understand each other.. learn new words.. it was amazing..
The next day, we drove around both of the lakes, (Interlaken – Latin: Inter=between, lake=lakes.. Interlaken, between lakes, the main city was between two lakes..).. Driving through vast stretches of hillside farmlands, old Swiss people slaving away on the sloped pastures in the hot sun.. Little Swiss German villages with swiss chalets and all the German words.. As we passed them, I tried to read them aloud, failing epically at my German accent.. We found an amazing little place to swim.. a little cove.. I loved swimming around in that beautiful water.. cloudy and blue green..
That night we had another bonfire, they invited a few more people over, most of which didn’t speak English.. so I was intrigued and we proceeded to talk to them.. breaking the barriers.. connecting on that beautiful level where no language wasn’t that much of an issue..
The next day we went up the mountain.. hiked through a cave (I ADORE CAVES!!!!!) with the water gushing off to the side.. the spray from the water slowly soaking our clothes as we walked up.. it was clear how the incredible pressure of the water carved the tunnel deep in the heart of the mountain.. up and up through the dark, dank, beautiful tunnel we went.. and right up back up into the sunshine.. pastures.. green grassy stretch of mountainside with mossy covered stones cropping up here and there.. and the most gorgeous waterfall.. with a rainbow stretching out in the mist in front of it.. What better way to cool off than to jump in? And so we did 🙂 (Granted, it wasn’t THAT grand or tall of a waterfall, but wow.. I ADORE all waterfalls!!!!)

The 2nd weekend at Interlaken was DEFINATELY more of an adventure! We hiked from his village, through Interlaken.. took  jump in the lake.. explored an abandoned, run down old castle.. hiked up the side of the mountain to Harder Kulm.. took in the view over a beer and then continued up and over the ridge.. up and up and up we went… it never seemed to end.. roots and dirt created the perfect staircases to climb up.. the trees would part occasionally to reveal Lake Brienz, the north face of Eiger, and Jungfrou… at one point the trail narrowed, and there was a steep decline on either side.. One side sloped down to the green, grassy countryside and rolling hills that stretched out into misty clouds while the other side descended down the rocky cliff to a village below, followed by the lake that was overshadowed by the Alps beyond.. I had to stop a few times to soak it all up…

We made it to the hut.. it was built right under a cliff, the back wall of the hut was the rocky cliffside.. I was so glad to get there, my legs burning with the 3.5 hours of hiking up and along the ridge, along with the hours going up the mountain and through the village…
We shared some beers and watched the sunset and played cards and ended up going to sleep early so that we could watch the sun rise over the north face of the Eiger.
Once in a lifetime…
And the bathroom!! Or the toilet rather… had the most awesome view… a Loo with a View..

Switzerland stole my Heart.


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