A few of my favorite things..

I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted. 
~Jack Kerouac 

Monday August 8, 2016
Day 81
Coppet, Switzerland

Where do I want to go?
I lay in bed after work dreaming happily of all the wonderful this world has to offer.
Do I want to search for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland? Or catch their national animal-the unicorn somewhere in the misty forests of the Highlands?
Do I want to explore castles and sunsets and drink a good beer in Bavaria Germany? Explore the places that inspired the Brothers Grimm’s to write such haunting tales? All the castles in Germany that come straight from fairy tales? Run my fingers over the Berlin wall and feel all the history that it holds.. if those walls could speak..
Do I want to swim in the most gorgeous waterfalls I’ve ever seen that look like fairy pools at Piltvice Lakes in Croatia? Taste the fresh fish caught fresh off the Dalmatian coast?
Do I want to indulge my taste buds sip wine and eat pesto by the ocean in Italy? Visit the vineyards that make the most delicious wine?
Do I want to scour the rocky, cliff rimmed coast of Ireland looking for leprechauns in the mist? Drink some Irish whiskey with some good ol boys as they fill my ears with their beautiful accent? Sample some Guinness at the Storehouse? Learn to truly dance a jig to some lively Irish music at an authentic Irish pub?
Do I want to go on the hunt for Dracula and his friends in Transylvania and hear the mysterious superstitions of howling wolves and bloodthirsty vampires and meet the original gypsies?
Do I want to go to Kraków. The “proper place to experience Poland” and spend my days sipping Wodka and exploring old town’s secrets and sampling home-cooked Polish cuisine at a bar mleezny (milk bar)?
Or maybe I should compare the Swiss alps to the Italian alps… Or French alps.. Hike up and up and up until I’m up in the clouds, my heart and head dizzy with excitement?
Morocco sounds nice. Warm. Sandy. Exotic. Different. Colorful.
Or should I go back to France and buy a baguette and cheese and a bottle of wine and find an ancient castle to fall asleep in.. But you can’t see the stars in a castle… Maybe I’ll sleep in the courtyard…
Where in Europe can I get lost in nature for a few days? Who will be my new tour guide through the wild?
Also, I hear Prague is nice…
Experience the brilliant colors of the  northern lights up in Finland or Norway…
And most of all, I wish to trek through the jungles of Southeast Asia.. Taste the sun ripened fruit hanging low and heavy with sweet juicy delight. Swim in crystal clear waters. Play in the sand…

Where’s the most beautiful ocean?

Where can I find fairy tale forests?

Can you take me through a lush green jungle/forest with a raging waterfall with droplets of rainbows drifting off?
Let’s build a rope swing over a crystal blue lake and take turns screaming as we let go and throw our bodies into the icy cold water and rise to the surface gasping for air, laughing and quickly clambering out to do it once more.
There’s so much I want to do.
I have nothing but time.
I want to make memories.
I am a dreamer. A dreamer I will be til the day I die.

Someone once dedicated the song “Free Bird” by Lynard skynard to me. Another was sure “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty was written about me. Yet another listened to “Wild Child” by Kenny Chesney and asked why I didn’t tell them I had asking written about me. And then there was the friend that turned to me and said that whenever he heard “I was born a unicorn” by the Unicorns he always smiled cuz I was such a unicorn in this world of horses (lol).

Whoever I end up with.. I hope he will accept my wanderlust… Just as my close friends understand… My need for adventure…My need to chase the new… To challenge the unknown… To believe in magic… To make flower crowns when we see wildflowers and eat berries on the side of the trail and look for faces in the gnarls of the trees as we walk by… To accept that I love to take off my shoes in the mud or leaf littered forest and feel the earth below me.
Understand that if I see waterfalls or rivers or lakes or oceans or even mud puddles my first instinct is to jump in and it’s difficult for me to hold back…
That I can dance in a club or festival and party til dawn just as I can get lost in the rhythm of the drums at a drum circle. I can go to a pub and cheer on the local football team or have a good laugh in the corner with friends new and old, but also adore more intimate gatherings with bonfires or hammocks or couches or music. But most nights I enjoy drinks with friends and watching the sunset color the the world around me and the sky open up to glittering stars. Connecting with other beautiful souls.
And there are many nights for simply sleeping. And others for shutting out the world with a good book… Or an intriguing travel story or historical fiction (or guilty pleasure) on Netflix..

That I recharge my soul through the moon. The sun. The stars. The woods. The trees. The mountains. The waters. The mud. The rain. The wind. The snow.

Someday I’ll find someone that understands. Not someone to tame me. Not settle me. Not trap me. But someone that will have the patience… allow me to slowly switch my priorities to finally having a physical home to get over the fear of a “normal life” doesn’t mean “boring” or “settling.” A family. And I will know. And he will know. And we will know. That although we might find a home, an address, our adventures will have just begun.

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars. 
~Jack Kerouac 


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