Fondue for two with a view 

“As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.” 
Winnie the Pooh

Sunday August 7, 2016
Day 80
Luzern, Switzerland

What an amazing weekend.
Every weekend seems to get better and better.
Though this one left me with a heavy heart and I couldn’t help but feel truly sad on the train home.

It’d been a long time since I felt such intense feelings… Let someone into my world… … Let them captivate my heart…

He took me to this cabin way up on a mountain side with a view of the alps. It was supposed to take 2 hours.. It took us nearly 4… There were step ups as high as my waist… There were sheep with sheep bells… Cows with cow bells… Muddy, wet, sticky bits of the pathway… Lush green pasture bits with wildflowers… Bits with a thick, soft carpet of downed leaves in the middle of a forest full of mossy trees… It lasted forever.. But I loved it… I felt myself getting stronger.. I was in the woods not the city… I felt alive skipping about in nature and dipping my feet in the waterfalls we happened across…

Once we finally arrived, our legs burning with the intensity of the uphill climb, I teetered on the edge of wanting to curl up and take a long nap right there in the grass and frolicking around, exploring and taking in the views from all around the cabin.

We ended up talking and drinking wine while I scoured the hillside for the tiny, yet scrumptious, wild strawberries that littered the area, digging my fingers in the bushes, in the soil, careful not to disturb the stinging nettle.

Fondue. For two. With a view. omg wow.

Combining melty cheese. Fresh bread. Wine. And he threw in a couple pears to dip in the fondue as well.. I thought it peculiar, but the mix of the cold and sweet pear mixed with the warm, savory cheese… Mmmm

Outside, We sat on a little ridge just behind the cabin and there we spent the rest of the evening. Watching the sky change colors. The dark, clouded sky part to reveal a breathtaking view of the twinkling stars above.

And we talked. Ohhh how we talked. About this and that. Deep things. Silly things. Travel stories. Hopes and wishes. Childhoods. The planets. The stars. German vs Swiss German. All the things.
He tried to teach me shooting star in German. I need to remember that word. Sternschnuppe. My word for us. We saw a few that night.

The breeze picked up to a brisk wind and we went inside the cabin. No electricity. My favorite. It was dark and cold. He built a fire and we huddled around it, talking more and more and sharing songs.. Falling deeper and deeper in warmth, not just from the fire but from this kind soul in front of me.

I will be forever grateful for him for providing me with all the feelings and emotions these past two weekends brought on.  I thank him forever. It brought me hope… That someone is still willing to spend the time to get to know me and act in such a way to make me feel wanted…Interesting.. Safe… If only for a couple days…

It’s been a long Europe trip and I’ve been having difficulty finding people I connect with. So being around him set my soul on fire.

And with a sad heart I leave Luzern behind. Him behind.

I told him, only half joking, that I would love to come back next Monday for a couple days while he worked…. Cook, clean, have a set place to plan my Cambodia trip… Then I’d head off Wednesday to Germany? Italy? Croatia?

Could he do that for me? Would he even want such a silly thing? But at the same time I am tempted to keep it just these 2 perfect weekends. Wrapped up in this perfect little concise package.

But I am pretty addicted to his stories, his kindness, his adventurous spirit, his rebelios streak, his bit of a British accent, his German, his knowledge deep and vast on so many subjects.. not just his actions.. Because anyone could do the things he did… it was the fact that it was him that did all those things…

Too much to think about… Too many feelings… Especially since this is my last week of work in Coppet, Switzerland (the 12th) and still have no plans until the 26 and vague idea to run away to Cambodia shortly thereafter…
I love my job and don’t want to leave.. I like having a home base Monday-friday and then the ability to run off for a weekend with a small backpack instead of my big load… maybe I will shed some of my gear before I leave here…

Where to next? Should I book a flight and run away? Germany? Italy? Croatia? Ireland? Or should I hold off and hope for a couple more days of this crazy feeling of safety and happy I found with him?
But for now, I sleep.. and off to work tomorrow.. and let the days wear on and the dreams chug on and we shall see where the stars take me 🙂

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
~David Bowie


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