Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

The purpose of human life, No matter who is controlling it, Is to love whoever is around to be loved.
~Kurt Vonnegut

Saturday July 23, 2016
Day 64
Nyon, Switzerland

So, for my first post I need to ramble and rave about Saturday night, day 64 in Nyon, Switzerland.
Paleo Festival.
I managed to nab some tickets from one of the locals that I work with.
I thought to myself, Oh! A music festival! By myself! Where everyone speaks French! Why not!?
Sounded like a perfect situation. A Perfect set up for an interesting night.
And wow.
It was so worth it.
I painted my favorite blue and purple stripes on my cheeks. I stuck my fuzzy panda ears on my head. I wore my favorite hippy/dancing outfit and was off.
It was rainy.
It was muddy.
Everyone spoke French.
Everyone sang in French.
I saw the one and only band that I knew, a duo of long dark haired Frenchmen singing in all their man bun glory. Sweet songs.. or so they sounded.
I later looked up the lyrics and had them translated to my very favorite and fell even more in love with them.
“Le coeur éléphant”by Fréro Delavega
They even crowd surfed right over my head. I touched one. It was 🙂      As I left the front of the stage, my tummy fluttering with happy singing butterflies, I looked up and noticed a brilliant rainbow behind the stage. On the other side, beyond the hills, The sun was setting. The clouds were glowing and the sky was Melting the most glorious sunsety colors together. pink. orange. yellow. gold. purple. blue. Mother Nature’s canvas above my head.

Below my bare feet was the mud. Wet and squishy between my toes.Paleo

I wandered around listening to all the music around me. The beautiful conversations people were having. The laufhted bursting out from the smiles. Friendships blooming as jokes were told and memories were made. The lovers getting closer together. Inch by inch. Minute by minute. The lights flashing and beaming over the happy, dancing crowds.
I danced in this tent and that tent. Made that instant connection with those around me. We caught each other’s eye and gave each other that knowing smile. We were in the moment. We were together for that moment. Sharing the music. The movement. The feeling of getting carried away in the beat.
We swayed and spun and lifted our arms up and shook our heads and hands and hearts to the rhythm.
The music went up and down and the beat went faster and faster the music turned spastic and then slowed with the beat.
As the music ended in each tent, I followed the crowd as we stumbled out in the mud in a state of bliss, still caught up in the feeling.
Later in the night, I remembered the sky above had turned dark and started walking to a hill that overlooked three of the tents so I could look for stars above.
I normally don’t notice strangers in particular. Nor do I usually detect people’s energy.
But as I was walking, I caught the eye of this guy with long hair and a slightly hippy look about him. He seemed to glow in a strange curious way. I continued walking and chanced a glance behind my shoulder… only to discover that he, too had glanced behind to see if I was looking. My head whirled. A strange electricity jolted through my body. A click. Something inside me surged. That was wild.
I continued walking, trying not to think too much of it, and sat on the hill.
Within seconds, the guy emerged from the crowd and strolled up the hill, his intense eyes locked on me. He sat next to me. Another rush of feelings. My skin tingled, hyper aware of his presence.
He spoke very little English. I spoke almost no French.
“I am attracted to your energy. I like your aura. Je t’aime.” he said. “J’adore…”
But the feelings. The vibes. The genuine spiritual love between us.
We talked. Broken English and crappy French. We danced. We shared beers. We went back to that hill. He whispered sweet and sexy things in French into my ear while gently kissing my neck. We looked at the stars and counted how many shooting stats we saw. I saw 4. He saw 5.
I was in Heaven.
Never did I ever think such a wild and beautiful thing could happen to me. Straight out of a movie.
These are the kind of moments I will carry with me forever and ever, close to my heart.
I met a lot of people Saturday night. Connected with them on different levels. I helped some while others helped me. I will never see any of them again. I never got their names, but we had some wonderful moments. Connecting despite language barriers.
But that one dude, I don’t even remember his name, sparked something inside of me that I forgot existed…
Life is beautiful.
I can be loved.
I am worth it.
Nothing really came of that night.
I didn’t get his name. I didn’t get his number.
I didn’t need to.
I had that moment. Sparkling and twinkling and shining in my memory and my heart forever more.


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